On its 12th year, Workers gained victory against Toyota!









May 28, 2013




On its 12th year,


Workers gained victory against Toyota!


Reference: Ed Cubelo, President, Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation Workers Association (TMPCWA) | 09423676974




After 12 long years of persistent struggle and undying vigilance and defiance towards the harassment of Toyota Motors Philippines Corporation, the leaders and members of Toyota Motors Philippines Corporation Workers Association (TMPCWA) today gained victory against Toyota as the company withdrew the criminal cases they charged to the 20 leaders and members of TMPCWA.




In a Judicial Dispute Resolution (JDR) meeting held today at the Paranaque Metropolitan Trial Court (MTC) Branch 78 under Judge Ramsey Domingo Pichay, Toyota Company withdrew the criminal case against the members of TMPCWA as a response to the consistent struggle for 12 years of the workers in calling for justice and the immediate dismissal of the case.




Judge Ramsey Domingo Pichay of Paranaque MTC Branch 78 issued an Order of the court that DISMISSES PERMANENTLY CRIMINAL CASE NOS. 02-0620 and 02-0621 filed against all the accused members of TMPCWA. Aside from the dismissal of the case, the court also directs the cancellation and or setting aside of all warrants of arrest issued against all the accused.




“We consider today as a very momentous and victorious event, not just for the members of TMPCWA, but also to all the workers in the country. This fight that took 12 years of our lives had given us various lessons that we have come to live up to this very day.  Our continued unity and perseverance in facing Toyota Corporation and these fabricated criminal cases filed against our leaders and members brought about this victory,” says Ed Cubelo, President of Toyota Motors Corporation Workers Association (TMPCWA).




Toyota Motors Corporation was also pressured with the ILO report issued last November 2012 urging the Philippine Government and Toyota to 1.)
reinstate the illegally dismissed workers, if not possible, to reach an equitable solution; and 2.)
withdraw all criminal cases filed against the officers and members of the union.




“We know, however, that this victory is only a part of our whole struggle for justice against Toyota and that we gained this not just through our unity but also with the support and solidarity from workers in the Philippines and in other parts of the world that are with us in this struggle.  We are more determined than ever to gain victory for all the issues and struggles of our union against Toyota Motors,” ended Cubelo. ###






Illegally dismissed members of TMPCWA with fabricated criminal case attended the meeting. From left to right Eduardo Gado, Reynaldo Cuevas, Ed Cubelo, Atty. Sulla (center), Joey Javillonar, Paulino Maleon, Armando Ercillo, Ericson Montero. Photo taken today May 28, 2013 at Paranaque Municipal Trial Court.



JDR-Order JDR-Order2 JDR-Order3 JDR-Order4 JDR-Order5 JDR-Order6


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