BPO in the Philippines

Touted by the government as the country’s “sunshine industry,” the business process outsourcing (BPO) is widely perceived as a boost to the country’s economic growth and employment. But little is reported about the bleak conditions of BPO employees.

Seeing through the BPO hype

  • BPO employment in 2011 stood at 640,000, or merely 1.7% of total employed (BLES, 2011) 
  • 34% or one out of three BPO employees are not regular employees (BLES, 2010)
  • Achieving regular status does not ensure security of tenure for BPO workers, companies can easily fire them based on dismal performance, absences, and violations.
  • Based on EILER’s 2008 research on BPO employees, 45% of respondents earn a monthly salary of only P10,000-P15,000, while 36% earn P15,000-P20,000.
  • Filipino team leaders, supervisors, managers and senior managers are paid 36% to 57% less than their counterparts in China, India, Malaysia and Vietnam.
  • According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), 4 out of 10 BPO employees in the Philippines suffer from occupational safety and health concerns such as sleep disorders, fatigue, eye strain, etc.
  • Alarmingly, there is no existing union in the entire BPO industry, thus the inability of employees to assert better working conditions.

Read the full BPO industry primer here


Every employee shall have “the right to assert for the protection of their rights and the promotion of their welfare” (Sec. 18 Art. II Phil. Constitution). These rights are granted to us by virtue of being employees, regardless of association with a union or not.

EILER, with the support of People with a Mission, has published a small flyer informing BPO employees of their basic rights as part of the “Kaagapay” project.

To view and download the BPO Know Your Rights flyer, click here.



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