Timeline: US transgressions under the Aquino administration

US transgressions under the Aquino administration on Dipity.

us minesweeper tubbataha2The grounding of the United States Navy minesweeper on the protected Tubbataha Reef is not an isolated incident, but only the latest in a series of what can be called transgressions by the US government. This timeline, prepared by Pinoy Weekly, enumerates key incidents involving the US that are seen to violate national sovereignty, and major events that served to strengthen US military presence in the country (as well as significant protests against it) under the Aquino administration. It is by no means exhaustive, as movements of US troops in the country are generally underreported or even covered up. Nonetheless, it aims to provide background information on which public opinion can be anchored on during this time of still unfolding national tragedy and renewed calls to Junk the Visiting Forces Agreement.

Short URL: http://pinoyweekly.org/new/?p=22617


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