TMPCWA Year-End Gathering


On December 16, TMPCWA launched the year-end gathering for the illegally dismissed members and families under the theme ” 12th Christmas of the Workers Illegally Dismissed. Continue to Struggle for Social Justness and Genuine Justice”.


The program has a two part. The first part is for the illegally dismissed members discussions to review the whole year of actions and all the efforts of the union. After the report all the dismissed members attended had given the chance to asks questions and to express their real feeling about the struggle and comes up into a resolution to strengthen the ranks of TMKPCWA; to continue to organize; and to continue to struggle for justice. Without “JUSTICE” we must not STOP! as the dismissed members yells. The solidarity messages from the Supporting Group of TMPCWA in Japan was shown to the wall and read by everybody (Message from the Support Group of TMPCWA in Japan, Message of the General Secretary of ZENZOSEN KANTO, message from AICHI GROUP of the Support Group for TMPCWA Steering Committee). All the members and families are very happy to the very warm solidarity support provodong by the Supporting Group in Japan.


The second part are the inputs of the workers situation in the country from the invited guests of TMPCWA and some solidarity messages. The General Secretary of the Alliance of Nationalists and Genuine Labor Organization. Federation of the May First Movement in the National Capital Region (ANGLO-KMU-NCR), Defend Job Philippines and KADAMAY-NCR. While there are discussions on the National Situation of workers there are also separate activities for the children’s of TMPCWA. Childrens games and children’s talks organized by TMPCWA Friends organization. After the Inputs and solidarity messages from the invited guests, TMPCWA distributes simple Noche Buena package for the dismissed members and families as a contribution of TMPCWA for the midnight Christmas gatherings of each family.


Illegally dismissed and all the families would like to thanks the Supporting Group in Japan, the Zenzosen, the Aichi Group of the Support Group for TMPCWA Steering Committee for the help and continuous support provided to TMPCWA Struggle.






















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