We Condemn the Massacre of South African Miners!

Statement of Kilusang Mayo Uno on the massacre of striking miners in South Africa
18 August 2012
The Kilusang Mayo Uno strongly condemns the massacre of the striking workers of Lonmin Platinum Mine, which killed 34 people and wounded 70 others. We join the families of those killed in mourning and in demanding justice.
We express our support for the 3,000 workers who launched a strike demanding a wage increase as a form of relief amidst ever-worsening poverty, high rates of illnesses, and lack of social services in South Africa.
We condemn Lonmin Platinum Mine, a London-based multinational mining company operating in Marikana in the northwest of Johannesburg, for the massacre. Lonmin is the third largest platinum-mining company in the world but is reported to be one of those giving the lowest pay.

We condemn South Africa’s Jacob Zuma regime for the massacre. It acted in cahoots with Lonmin by ordering the police which, armed with high-caliber weapons, tried to disperse the striking workers. It is responsible for allowing Lonmin and other multinational companies to attack workers’ and people’s rights.

We condemn the monopoly-capitalist media for siding with the mining companies who want to immediately resume operations in South Africa. It is depicting both workers and policemen as armed, downplaying the fact that the weapons of the workers are no match to the weapons of the police. It is trying to legitimize the violent repression of militant workers’ protests.

We are calling for immediate justice for the victims of the massacre and their families. We are also calling for an impartial investigation in order to ascertain the exact responsibility of the culprits for the massacre. We are also calling for their immediate jailing for the crime.

The Filipino workers and people are no stranger to the massacre of striking workers. We continue to demand justice over the Nov. 16 2004 massacre of striking farm workers of Hacienda Luisita, a sugar plantation owned by the family of current Philippine president and imperialist mining champion Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III. The massacre left seven people dead and more than a hundred injured.

We unite with all trade-union centers and progressive organizations in condemning the massacre of South African miners. We call on all workers and people of the world to show their condemnation of the massacre and solidarity with the miners by conducting different forms of protest actions. Let us unite in fighting imperialist mining and the local reactionary forces serving them.

We urge the workers and the people of the world to heighten the struggle against multinational corporations, especially in the mining industry. Let us conduct massive and sustained educational campaigns on imperialist mining. Let us oppose their anti-worker, anti-people and anti-nature schemes aimed at boosting their superprofits.

Let us educate our ranks and the public about mining companies’ plunder of the world’s resources, use of divide-and-rule tactics, destruction of the environment and the poor’s livelihood, extreme exploitation and repression of workers, and suppression of opposition to their continued operations.

Let us educate ourselves on the necessity for the workers and peoples of the world to take hold of government and all vital industries through vibrant mass movements that are fighting for national independence, democracy and socialism.

Justice for the South African miners! #


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