Inter-Agency Memorandum of Commitment of the DOLE, AFP, PNP and yellow union: legalization of attacks against workers!

STATEMENT 30th June 2012

Mobile No: +63.9104609429


The regional trade union centers, led by Unity of Workers in Southern Tagalog-May One Movement (PAMANTIK-KMU) strongly condemned , the continuing  attack and suppression of various government agencies, employers, unions and yellow right of workers to form an Inter-Agency Memorandum of Commitment. Recently exposed workers who signed on in Hypocritical 2011 the Memorandum of Commitment between Department of Labor and Employment, Philippine National Police, Armed   Forces of the Philippines, and the yellow unions such as the Trade Union

Congress of the Philippines (TUCP), Federation of Free Workers (FFW),      Workers  bind together with Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino (BMP), Alliance of Progressive Labor (APL), and others. As part DoLE say the agreement of ‘compliance’ it the “ILO recommendations” after the high level mission held at the country in late September 2009, adorned the agreement allegedly promoting the rights of workers according to the Constitution  Laws of the Philippines, International Labor Standards Conventions as 87 and 98, and International Humanitarian Law.

Oplan Bayanihan

Meanwhile, conspicuously in turn told AFP Memorandum of Commitment This part of Oplan Bayanihan, “Whereas, the AFP has implemented on January 1, 2011 the Internal Peace and Security Plan ‘collaboration’ that prescribes two (2) Strategic approaches: Approach the Whole Nation that entails the participation of all stakeholders in peace and development efforts, and the People-Centered Approach that Gives primacy to the respect for and protection of human rights, adherence to the International Humanitarian Law, and abidance to the Rule of Law. ”

Thus, the ultimate goal of intervention and legalize violence of the PNP and the AFP, including the CAFGU and village guards, in workers’ rights, beyond and contrary to the existing Code Labor and the Constitution of the Philippines.

 Industrial peace by militarization

While the undersigned boasts of such inter-agency Memorandum of Commitment as a step towards more ‘peaceful’ relations or industrial peace, it also puts larger destruction to legalize workers by long for ongoing militarization of the  industrial enclaves, workshop, and community workers and the poor.

Ramifications is accelerating and also harden the capitalist conspiracy  legitimate government to take away the bud than just organizing workers in their union, as well as the use of force to abolish the picketline, movement and other activity workers in establishing their basic rights.

In past years, harsh experience in the hands of police military and the fate of the struggle of workers of Nestle, Nissan, Toyota, Takata, EMI-YAZAKI, and more. Also the fate of militarization of the workers and poor communities in Santa Rosa, Cabuyao, and  Calamba in Laguna, Quezon City in Manila, and various other parts of the region.


The old Palace ruler only has the power to command AFP, the new agreement, given the power to DoLE suppression of workers with the military. By request from the investor always turn occupied by his own assessment of the situation and security, he could ask The presence of AFP, PNP assistant, in the very place where launched the movement of workers.

By virtue of the same agreement, allowed the establishment of military camps in and around enclaves or workshop based on some “conditions”. Has recorded the complaint workers regarding the illegal establishment of detachments of military within encla-ves and communities in the region. Broad supported by the people and the international community.

This concerns workers. However, rather than conform to the law that right of workers for union, strike, CBA bargaining, involvement in political issues and economic, also enables the pro-capitalist consensus to screen the legality and the breaking away and range of violence against workers.

Defense and resistance of workers

No good will be served to the inter-agency workers MOC. Prominent, and placed itself in writing, accordingly the agreement Oplan Bayanihan of the US-Aquino, without distinction Oplan Bantay Laya and other counter-insurgency program of the past regime.


With this agreement, not far also sustain workers currently experience a militarization of farmers and citizens in Bondoc Peninsula in Quezon province. Not be the answer in order to end the violence concerns and working class struggle for just wages, security the occupation and right. No one else should do the rest working class and people who attacked the conspiracy of investor-DoLE-AFP-PNP-LGU-figured but collectively defend and fight for their legitimate and basic rights.


Inter-Agency Memorandum of Commitment, throw away!

Challenge, Fight ! Oplan Bayanihan

Fight for Wages, work,  rights and Life


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