Strike at Volvo Brazil

After pay talks with Volvo stalled, the Greater Curitiba Metalworkers’ Union has called a strike for an indefinite period.

BRAZIL: Around 4,100 metalworkers at Volvo in Curitiba, Brazil, went on strike for an indefinite period on the morning of Tuesday May 15 after pay talks stalled. The workers decided to take the measure at an assembly organised by the Greater Curitiba Metalworkers’ Union, affiliated to the CNTM/FS, a metalworkers’ confederation affiliated to the IMF.

The workers rejected the package offered by company management. The vehicle assembly company would not increase last week’s offer of a BRL 15,000 ($7,850US) profit-sharing payment, BRL 6,000 ($3,140US) bonus and a 2.51 per cent plus inflation pay rise. The metalworkers are angry that the company is offering the same profit-sharing payment and bonus as last year.

The workers are demanding a minimum profit-sharing payment of BRL 18,000 ($9,400US) now but want to wait until the annual collective bargaining deadline in September for negotiations on a pay rise, bonus and vouchers.

Union president, Sergio Butka, criticized the company for putting forward the same proposals as last year. He said the union wants to negotiate but Volvo remains inflexible and had decided not to negotiate.May 16, 2012 –


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