International Soidarity!

Opel Bochum great solidarity – staff meeting is interrupted

Opel Bochum great solidarity – staff meeting is interrupted

International guests, even militant trade unionists and car workers showed their solidarity

With the planned relocation of the Astra to England and Poland and Zafira Rüsselsheim production from Bochum to the Executive Committee of GM / Opel has actually decided to close the Bochum Opel plant. With great excitement, the general assembly and the whole set-up on Monday morning, 20 5th expected.

The extraordinary general assembly was announced as a large “public”. It looked very different then: Black curtains were hung, that nothing should escape. Normally the gate is open, the fence was closed, there were private security forces there. This indicated clearly indicate fear and panic at the Opel management. Her first husband, Karl-Friedrich Stracke was claiming in the face of my colleagues at the Bochum assembly that they had no concept. That would at first at a board meeting 28 Signed in June. He sat fully on delaying tactics and consoling. Applause was given the prime minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, Hannelore Kraft, especially when they struck militant tones. She announced that the provinces should not be played off against each other. Two colleagues from Eisenach and from Rüsselsheim could talk and got applause when she spoke out for the fight of all unit Opel workforce. The works council gardener Annegret Leymann said to applause, that Opel including “morbid conditions” is responsible. Colleagues report from the work of colleagues and confirm distribution newspaper “Blitz” that our colleagues were disappointed and angry over the delaying tactics of the management.

Overall, there was an indecision as to whether it is right to take tougher action right now or still to be seen. There was a greater number of combative posts that sounded the colleagues with great care and seriousness. Even the staff was not on strike. There are still many questions, for example what if this brings. But trying to do as the council chairman Rainer Einenkel negative emotions and thoughts of the strike as a “split” defamed, he got no applause. The newspaper group of colleagues for colleagues, the “lightning”, was taken by many and stimulated intense discussions. The Opel workers were able to greet the morning at the factory gates solidarity delegations from five countries and at least 14 large companies. They were extra of 7 Autoworkers advice came, who went on Sunday to end. There were also there: the Bochum group of Courage, MLPD, rebel, Bir-Kar and still more than a hundred participants. The management refused to allow foreign delegations attending the staff meeting. There were then in front of goal with rallies around 100 to 120 participants, with contributions from colleagues and trade unionists from many car companies and other large companies. The Monday demonstrations, which had initiated the rallies, participated. Ford’s colleagues expressed their solidarity with others in songs, courage had organized catering – after all, the rallies were over five hours with breaks. At the end of the staff meeting some colleagues preferred the door to a final public rally for the day. The staff meeting was “broken” – the debate continues.


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