Re;The Toyota related news Incidents in November from APWSL Aichi·Tokai Group

 ;    <The Toyota related news>
288;            Incidents in November <2012.2.10>
;      from APWSL Aichi・Tokai Group
Before the 1st anniversary of  Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster.
For everybody of APWSL in each country.
1 month before the 1st anniversary of a great earthquake and nuclear power plant disaster on  March 11th, there are various kinds of activities in various places.
Even in this Aichi, the following activities are planned, except such as lecture meetings about a nuclear power plant disaster and study meetings.
1.Panel exhibition: The panel exhibition “Situation 1 year after great earthquake / disaster of Fukushima nuclear power plant” will be held.
2. Mini Theater  : There is a show meeting of “nuclear power plant movie in old times” treating a nuclear power plant. They are “China syndrome”, “nuclear war Lost Love”, etc.
3. Symposium : “Is it OK ? food standard” , The 2nd phase of “In order to survive the radioactive contamination age”.
4. National signing activities  :  “10 million signature, good by nuclear power plants” will follow, and  5 million people’s signatures are collected now.
The steering committee of ATU-S was held.
The steering committee of ATU-S was held on 25th. Main subjects for discussion are about 1. 5th ordinary general meeting. 2. About solidarity / joint action with local unions. 3. Editorial policy of activity magazine “Reimei” No. 19, etc. In the meeting, as situation discussion, “the decent work and the new welfare state concept” was quoted, and opinions were exchanged about workers’ condition etc. The viewpoint that the starting point of movement is workers’ situation was shown in the concept.
Decent work means human-like labor conditions in which human-like life is possible continuously. As direct labor conditions, working hours (per day,  per week), wages, the number of a holiday,  contents of labor, etc. do not ruin their dignity and health, and possibilities of human-like life is requested continuously.
The early morning exploitation campaign was in front of Kariya Station.
There was “1 day joint activity” by local union on 24th. The protest was done at 3 places in dispute within the prefecture. From 8:00 a.m. of this day in front of Kariya station, fliers were distributed to workers who work for the Toyota-related company.  From 6:00 p.m., the exploitation campaign of ” labor No. 110″ with flier distribution and hand microphone was done in front of Toyota related building before Nagoya Station. A total of 40 friends participated.
There was a skull session about the ordinary general of ATU-S.
There was a skull session on 17th in advance of the 5th ordinary general meeting of an ATU support citizen’s meeting.  Opinions were exchanged actively, about situations surrounding ATU, core points of activity, and what is the target, condition and form of supports, etc.
In this meeting, ten officers including Mr. Saruta Mr. Nakatani, both representative and Director Mr. Chikamori participated, and argued about holding the general meeting on March 2 etc.
There was a usual “New Year Meeting”.
A usual “New Year Meeting” were held on 15th. Sponsored by “The Power of People”. Many people participated from National Railway Workers’ Union and Union of Day workers, people of antinuclear power movement, lawsuit supporters for Korean labor slavery women of Mitsubishi Nagoya at war time, etc.. And the meeting of Aichi which supports ATU-S and TMPCWA, and the friend of APWSL Aichi also participated, and they exchanged greeting of solidarity.
※:Abbreviations used:
ATU=All Toyota Union
ATU・S=citizens group supporting ATU
TMWU=Toyota  Motor  Workers’  Union
TMPCWA= Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation Workers Association
APWSL=Asian Pacific Workers Solidarity Links.
JAWN=Japan Automobile Workers Network
L&HNWNM=Living and Health Network for workers in Nishi-Mikawa area


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