[Support-tmpcwa 873]NO.36

Subject: [Support-tmpcwa 873]NO.36
        <The Toyota related news>
Incidents in November <2012.1.20>

New year greeting
For all APWSL members of each country.
I hope everybody got into new year 2012, healthily with each organization, friends and family.
In front of us, there are subjects and struggles, such as anti-war, peace and an anti-nuclear power plant, energy problem, and improvement of workers’ rights and life,
which are like walking on difficult and endless wilderness.
But as we are in such situation, we would like to strengthen bonds share wisdom and power with friends, to study and help with each other, to cultivate the waterway.
Please guide us well under the flag of international solidarity this year as so far.
January 2012.
from APWSL Aichi・Tokai Group
No. 18 of “Reimei” “Action Report Ⅲ” was published
On 28th,  No.18 of ATU-S’s activity magazine “Reimei” was published.
With ATU related articles, a nuclear power plant disaster related articles, critical views to employer and employees
about “the method of work to strengthen manufacturing base” of Toyota Motor are contributed.
Simultaneously, “Action  Report Ⅲ” by APWSL Aichi issue was published.
ATU-S (the annual fee of 2000 yen or more), and APWSL Aichi (the annual fee of 1000 yen) are looking for the members.
AKK Yoshida workmen’s-accident trial.
On 13th , there was a trial of Mr. Yoshida  of  AKK (Aisin kiko Co.,Ltd) .
This trial asks for workmen’s-accident recognition, namely cancellation of “determination” of the country
which presupposed “workmen’s-accident un-recognizing” the injury of a wrist due to occupational cases.
At this trial, “counterargument document” from a complainant to country was submitted, and it became a substantial trial.
Mr. Yoshida is striving for the functional recovery of both arms receiving the medical treatment of occupational physician now.
Although the effect has shown up more clearly than before the treatment, the functional recovery after long times is needed.
The 2nd collective bargaining in Denso about the workmen’s-accident problem
On 6th, ATU carried out the 2nd collective bargaining in Denso’s head office about the workmen’s-accident problem of Mr. Takahira, a member of ATU.
At the beginning, we protested and asked the reason to the company, why they didn’t give us the answer,
even though both parties promised that the company will answer immediately in written form to the offered items at previous collective bargaining ( held on 26th October ).
As the occurrence of industrial accident is true, the company cannot say they are irresponsible.
ATU asked for compensation concretely to him because he could not work under the medical treatment of the injury for about one year, and submitted the document again.
In advance of collective bargaining, in the early morning on the day, at JR Kariya Station,
we distributed 1500 fliers written about Mr. Takahira’s workmen’s-accident problem and advertised to the workers who attend their office.
Flier distribution at the place of the ILO Asia-Pacific region meeting executive board.
On 4th, The ILO Asia-Pacific region meeting executive board was held in Kyoto International Conference Hall.
In front of the hall, In front of the hall, the supporting members of TMPCWA distributed flier to the participants,
and most of them were received in a friendly way. In this action, 40 people participated from union of Kanto, Aichi, and local area.
In this international conference, Chairman Mr. Edo and Vice committee Mr.Wenny attended for hearing , and lobbied.
※:Abbreviations used:
ATU       =All Toyota Union
ATU・S      =citizens group supporting ATU
TMWU      =Toyota  Motor  Workers’  Union
TMPCWA    = Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation Workers Association
APWSL     =Asian Pacific Workers Solidarity Links.
JAWN      =Japan Automobile Workers Network
L&HNWNM  =Living and Health Network for workers in Nishi-Mikawa area

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