support message for tmpcwa from (chinese Nationals) English version

Support Message for TMPCWA

I am very sorry that it has become necessary again for me to insert an extra not-very-good story in the miscellaneous folder.


During my last brief stay at a youth-hostel in Kyoto , I encountered some former Philippine Toyota workers who came over to Japan to participate in a conference. As a matter of fact, there were also Japanese workers who accompanied them. They solicited me to support the action of Philippine Toyota union for justice. All of us chatted for a good while using not-very-good English of each person.


It is continuing so long that Toyota has been committing evil things in its overseas bases in the third world. Inside Japan , it used to conduct bad things together with the-then yet baby-dog Liberal Democratic Party. It is more in the Philippines in that it extended its hand over to politics in using bribery, and finally manipulated the governmental authorities to illegally mobilizing military and police to oppress union members. It dismissed union leaders without reason. While it utilizes third country workers as cheap labor only, it has never employed foreign persons at Toyota Technical Research Center in the home country.


Only what people in this group know is to bow and flatter before the American Father. They do only deserve this one word: “Theft” .

In sum, the bigger an organization grows, the gravely it rot and it goes away from human nature far and far more.



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