PAMANTIK-KMU regional mobilization



The Pagkakaisa ng Manggagawa sa Timog-Katagalugan-Kilusang Mayo Uno(PAMANTIK-KMU)  staging the regional protest last November 22  as part of the regional  campaign against Trade Union Repression. The Government agency is as follows; NLRC-Commision, Supreme Court , Department of Justice, Court of Appeals, and the Department of Labor and Employment. The issue are the corruption on NLRC by almost all the commisioner, Comm.Calaycay was the first and most corrupt of all those commisioner. The issue of Toyota-4(TMPCWA Members) who was ilegally dismmised by the capitalist Toyota Philippines was also include on that protest, the workers of Enkie Philippines was also set on that day and they state a decade struggle of the workers and how this Government Agency took place on the side of the Capitalist, condenmnation of all the victims of workers rights violation in the region was one of  the main issue.

On Department of Justice, we addresed how the Aquino Government should act as a perpetrator of the human rigths, because within one year term of his presidency  almost 3,718 human rigths violation recorded and 13 workers, community Leaders and Activist killed in Southern Tagalog out of 48 in the country was directly suffered by  the Counter Insurgency Guide of the Aquino Regime, definitely it is headed by the United States as part of the MUTUAL DEFENSE TREATY by the Philippine government and the Unite States. Five(5) of them comes from the workers side in the region.

At around 2:40pm, As part of the planThe Court of Appeals  is one of the target. We registered all the pending cases of Enkie Phils workers, and the Philsjeon workers because the capitalist should enjoying to continously violate the workers rigths, even it is written in the ILO declaration convention 87 and 98 ( Right to Self Organized and Rigth to Collective Bargaining. Also the KAMIT or the Kaisahan ng mga Manggagawang Ilegal na TInanggal raises thier condenmnation for the continous decreasing of numbers of the regular  workers. The dialogue was also set to the Chairman Nograles, but suddenly the workers won’t gave a chance.

Protest to the Department of  Labor and Employment was also adhere, The workers from  Honda Cars and  Nestle Phils addressed  their  struggle to the Secretary of Labor Rosalinda Baldoz , about the continuos attack of the two TNC’c company for each  union members. The Honda Cars staging VSP or Voluntary Separation Package that last for one month last September 1 – 30 this year, while the retirement benefits raises up to 180% if you choose to resign until December this year. and also thier are appealing for the contractual workers, who’s won before the NLRC-RIV level and they stating that the contractual workers is become a regular workers.

About Nestle Phils workers under its union UFE-DFA-KMU appealed to the secretary that Nestle Management should stop thier dirty tactics that arousing  the Union members to accept the Financial Assistance Program  launch this year, instead of facing  the workers with the collective bargaining aggrement including their Retirement Benefits. Also Toyota issue should raise on that day that the DOLE Secretary would pursue the ILO-HLM that was happen Last September 23-25 , 2009 here in Manila.

Also the Regional center addressed to the Agency that the DOLE should stop using Department Order no.18-02, That legalize and allowing the Employer to hire contractual employees and giving the full power and authority to the agency (DOLE) and even to the president of the Phils to have its decision between the workers and the employer struggle. On this case the workers rights would easily broken by the Capitalist. According to the Gen Secretary Weny Urgel, He also calling for the Social Justice to all the victims of in humane act by the capitalist.

The regional center also calling to immediately pass the Legislative wage increase  or  HB 375. He Also added to support the HB 5110 or the Regular Employment Bill. About 200 workers from almost 12 local union in different factory supports on this activity, the urban sector support as well.



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