The Toyota related news from APWSL Aichi・Tokai Group

East Japan Earthquake, nuclear power plant disaster, and workers’ unity 8
For all member of APWSL in each country.
In Tohoku , the stricken area, the severe winter season will come around soon. The support by workers and labor unions to the stricken area continue. As for support goods, stoves, blankets, disposable pocket stoves, hot water bottles (Japanese heating instrument from ancient times which puts hot water into a vessel, wraps in a towel etc., and warms a leg), etc. were sent.
Moreover, it is a political issue whether Japan participates in TPP or not. The farmers and fishermen of the stricken area oppose to TPP participation. They say, if Japan participates to TPP, it became the 2nd and 3rd big earthquake and tidal wave following an earthquake disaster, and it is what troubles themselves.
 ATU carried out collective bargaining with Denso.
ATU carried out 1st collective bargaining on 26th.between Denso Corporation and former seasonal worker Mr. Takahira. It is a workmen’s accident caused from neglecting Mr. Takahira’s too heavy actual labor condition from the first, and to have lacked safe consideration.
Nevertheless, the company side is escaping by the excuse, “There are only conditional causal relationship and no considerable causal relationship” etc. which is not understandable.
Investigation of ATU is continued.
The ATU-S bulletin “Reimei” No. 17 was published.
The activity magazine “Reimei No. 17” of ATU-S was published on 14th.
The main contents are
1. Report of 7th regular conference of ATU.
2. Report of ATU related dispute, with JTEKT and AKK.
3. A contribution report related to fade-out from nuclear power reactor.
4. Report of the Aichi action which supports TMPCWA
5. Report of incident to “confine Nepalese chef over 1 month” and report of dispute, and insistence.
6. Attachment of Toyota related dispute table, etc.
The Aichi action which supports TMPCWA was done.
The Aichi action which supports TMPCWA getting aid from Kanto area, was done on 9th and 10th.
The advertising campaign was done on 9th in front of the building in which Toyota related companies exist in front of Nagoya Station. There were about 80 participants. From evening, they moved the place to Toyota and a joint meeting and a exchange meeting with TMPCWA were held.
On 10th, the next day, from early morning, bill distribution was done around the head office. There were about 60 participants. From past 9:00 a.m., TMPCWA and the representative of supporters went to the Toyota head office, asked for quick solution, and protested against insincere reaction.
JTEKT / Mr.Tanaka’s trial ended.
Reconciliation deliberations of JTEKT /Mr.Tanaka’s trial were resumed in the Nagoya District Court on
5th. Negotiation was done regarding the settlement package and, finally they agreed on that day.
Reconciliation was formed and the trial ended now. Mr. Tanaka conveyed gratitude to supporters by himself.
※:Abbreviations used:
ATU=All Toyota Union
ATU・S=citizens group supporting ATU
TMWU=Toyota  Motor  Workers’  Union
TMPCWA= Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation Workers Association
APWSL=Asian Pacific Workers Solidarity Links.
JAWN=Japan Automobile Workers Network
L&HNWNM=Living and Health Network for workers in Nishi-Mikawa area

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