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Sent: Sunday, November 06, 2011 11:40 AM
Subject: [APWSLMembers 867] 5 news in the first half of October 2011 from
Labornet Japan

Dear Friends,

Labornet Japan would like to invite you to our website
(http://www.labornetjp.org/), where you can find workers’ struggles and
citizenry movements in Japan.

We updated our site with top 5 news in the  first half of October 2011  in
English. Please visit Labornet Japan

  The news stories are also posted at Labornet Asia run by our colleagues in
South Korea(
http://www.laborasia.net/ ).

We would also like to hear your opinions or suggestions.


6 Nov. 2011
Labornet Japan International Division
In Japanese: http://www.labornetjp.org/
  In English: http://labornetjp.blogspot.com/
  Contact us: labor-staff@labornetjp.org

==  5 news in the first half of October 2011  from Labornet Japan ==

Stand up for eradicating poverty! Big anti-poverty rally in Tokyo
Listen to the 99%! Here’s a liberation square – “Occupy Tokyo” rally
Philippine Toyota Union (TMPCWA) Succeeded in Launching Joint Action Both at
the main struggle site, the Philippines, and in Japan
European-style demonstration? 750 join anti-nuke “Drumming Demonstration”
Socializing party of Japan’s “community unions” held in Aso, Kumamoto ?
Joined by 320 from 80 unions from all around Japan

* translated by IWAKAWA Yasuhisa

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